Military Separation & Disability Pensions

The stakes are high at a low point in a service member's military career:   unless a service member fights to stay in the military (and succeeds), it will be the end of his or her career once the military's Integrated Disability Evaluation System (the "IDES") takes its course.  Proper preparation for and presentation of the wounded service member's IDES case can be the difference between a military pension upon separation or none at all, tax-free benefits or taxed, and military health care coverage for your spouse and children or none. Just as important, the results here largely dictate and effect what is to follow before the Dept. of Veterans Affairs and Social Security.

Apart from the profound results, having civilian attorneys show their gratitude by representing the service member without charging them any money often serves as a boost at a time when many are in crisis. 

 Often, service members come to counsel expressing resentment over the military and their careers after being lost in the bureaucratic and legal nightmare of the discharge process.  Having someone explain the process, where it is and where it will likely end up, and then take over and handle it on your behalf, is a tremendous source of comfort for a wounded service member at a difficult time. 

No other private attorney in the country has represented more wounded service members in their military discharge cases than Michael Pasquale of Officers of the Courts Corp.  Guided by his philosophy of treating each service member as if they were family, he has received critical acclaim for his work with wounded service members from the media (Money Magazine, Super Lawyers Magazine, Star Ledger), the bench, the bar, legislators and governors.  The effect of his representation of wounded service members in their IDES cases is best demonstrated through their testimonials:


"Attorney Mike Pasquale is a blessing and, through his tireless efforts, brought back my dignity as U.S. Soldier and a human being. . .  His energy level and knowledge of the law within the military is exemplary."

- MSG E.S.


"Because of your help not only did I receive favorable decision but it is far more than I expected. I truly know that the only reason and I do mean only reason I received this decision is because of your diligence and professionalism. Thank you does not seem enough for what you have done for me and my family."

- SGT D.S.


"The Army has a Warriors Ethos-- I will always place the mission first, I will never accept defeat, I will never quit, I will never leave a fallen comrade. This is that true commitment that Mr. Pasquale gave me when I needed it most. I found that he too lived by the Warriors Ethos.”

- MSG G.L.


"You will never know the heartfelt gratitude I feel. This was a hard enough situation going into the medical board as it was, but you helped to make it so much better."

- CPL K.W.


After nearly a decade of representing service members in the discharge process for free, Mr. Pasquale founded OCC in order to ensure a smooth transition for as many of our wounded service members as possible in a manner that only his unique experience and expertise can provide.